Henry Cavill Joins MuscleTech as Chief Creative Officer, Global Brand Ambassador, and Spokesperson

By  December 29, 2020

Health Sciences International Inc., under its internationally recognized MuscleTech nutritional brand, has partnered with global superstar Henry Cavill to serve as its new Chief Creative Director, Global Brand Ambassador, and Spokesperson. This relationship between the critically acclaimed actor and MuscleTech will involve global marketing rights, including retail, digital, social, and global advertising campaigns that will captivate consumers in more than 100+ countries across the globe and co-branded products that will integrate the actor’s love of fitness and technology with a company that literally embodies it.

As MuscleTech’s new Chief Creative Director, Cavill will be the face of MuscleTech’s global rebranding efforts, which recently launched in the United States in late 2020 and will roll out globally in 2021. MuscleTech’s acclaimed “Strength Redefined” purpose and campaign, which extend well beyond personal physique, aligns with the actor’s other passions including charity, animals, and technology. Part of Cavill’s role will also include collaborating with MuscleTech’s renowned nutritional scientists on the creation of novel products, helping to drive innovation in the industry while inspiring consumers to grow stronger together as a community.

“When we set out to redefine MuscleTech’s brand, we looked to define strength by more than just muscle. We also promised to stay true to our commitment to first class ingredients, the smartest formulations and most rigorous research in our industry. This standard of excellence fueled our Strength Redefined campaign and helped us define our brand, logo, and purpose,” said Jarrod Jordan, Chief Marketing Officer at Iovate Health Sciences International Inc., the parent company of the MuscleTech® brand. “When we commenced our search to find a team member who embodies the smarts, excellence, and hard work to align with our rebrand, we immediately thought of Henry Cavill. He personifies MuscleTech®, not only in terms of his intense training regimen and science background, but also with his commitment to well-being, involvement in community, and philosophy on life. We are excited to have him join us in this exciting endeavor.”

Cavil joins a top-selling legacy brand in the middle of a historic transformation. For more than twenty-five years, MuscleTech® has fueled those who want to raise the bar, helping to optimize human performance. As part of his new role, Cavill will help connect MuscleTech’s past with a more diverse, inclusive and optimistic future, transforming an entity well-known by bodybuilders to a brand that can excel in a supplement space now focused on healthy lifestyles, body positivity, creative formulas, dynamic mixtures, and entrepreneurial gusto. Cavill and MuscleTech® have teamed up to inspire and meet the needs of everyone, from fitness enthusiasts to elite athletes training to improve their strength, endurance, and power, andto enhance their competitive edge.

“Something I have always believed in, and seen throughout my travels and experiences, is that strength is far more than muscular power, or cardiovascular fitness. It’s something that comes from within,” said Cavill. “Not only does MuscleTech understand this, but they preach it.  Redefining strength is their by-word for accessibility for all, and cultivation of ourselves, no matter our starting point.  This is a brand for everyone who is willing to explore the depths of their inner fortitude and see where it may take them. My partnership with them is an exciting opportunity, and I am looking forward to sharing our ideas with the world.”

For more information on MuscleTech, visit www.muscletech.com.